Monday, January 24, 2000

MON 24-JAN-00

Romances are rocky in Albert Square: Lisa makes a final decision about her career and Sam is worried about her one-night stand. Terry is desperate to buy a classic car from Roy - with Irene's money.

Irene thinks about getting organic products for the shop with her money. Meanwhile, Terry wants to buy an old Triumph Herald convertible that Roy has just got into the garage.

Terry tries to suggest to Irene that they should buy a car instead. Irene chats to Rosa and says she must pay the cash into the building society or she might be tempted to waste it on something frivolous.

Ian walks into the Vic and Dan whispers to Mel that she can serve Sam while he does Ian. Steve walks in and Sam asks if he's avoiding her, and Steve says he really enjoyed it but they ought to leave it there because things might get complicated, and he doesn't want to mess up his relationship with Beppe. Later, Beppe tells her that he was annoyed about her and Steve, but after thinking about it he's pleased and they have his total blessing.

After this messy disaster with one night stands, slapper Sam tells Phil she's leaving Walford to live with a friend in North London.

Beppe and Steve chat in the club and Steve goes on about burglars, and getting a new alarm system, Beppe tells him he's paranoid.

Lisa tells Mark she's moved back in to his house, and he says he's pleased. Lisa says she can't believe he didn't tell his mother about his AIDS drugs, but says it's his call, and everyone else will have to get used to it. Talking about living one's own life makes up her mind, and she goes home to tell Mel she's decided to take the job in Hertfordshire. Phil asks her what she decided and she tells him. He says Jamie will be upset. Jamie asks why she's leaving. Jamie says he will have no-one left soon, and cites Janine, and Lisa says she never deserved him anyway, and he will bounce back.

Ian apologises to Jamie in the launderette. Dot eavesdrops. Ian says he shouldn't have lost his temper, and he needs Jamie back at the shop and he's not too proud to admit it. Jamie says Ian can stuff the job, and the apology too.

Mark tells Pauline he will go back on the drugs. When they all start to leave, Mark asks to talk to Jeff alone, and apologises for being a bit off and making life difficult for him, he can see how good he is for Pauline and Martin.

Jeff starts work on Irene's changes to the shop, and asks for £250 for the wood. Terry is worried about losing the chance to buy the car, and Roy tells him the buyer will be back tomorrow, and he has to see the £1,200 cash. Barry and Natalie arrive back from Florida with lots of junk but having had a great honeymoon.

Roy tells Terry that he has got a buyer who said he'll be back later with the cash, so if Terry wants it he will have to buy it now. He rushes home and Irene is too busy testing some products and goes to have a bath, so refuses to discuss anything. Terry finds the cash hidden in a kitchen cupboard and takes it, and looks guiltily towards the bathroom where Irene is relaxing, for now!

Thursday, January 20, 2000

THU 20-JAN-00

Ian finally snaps, while fists fly in Albert Square. Rosa resolves to destroy Beppe and Sandra's relationship. For his birthday, Phil receives an ultimatum from Lisa and there is more worrying news for Pauline.

The vicarage is up for sale and Ian gloats. Lisa gives Phil a birthday present of her grandfather's watch. He is a bit embarrassed by it and asks if she's sure. Lisa isn't pleased that he wasn't thrilled, and tells Mel that she isn't sure whether to take the job or not, what if she doesn't take it and then Phil dumps her?

Pauline is asleep on Mark's bed when he wakes up, and she's pleased. She asks him why he stopped taking the drugs, and he says the side effects depressed him, and he didn't like being dependent. She goes home and finds her furniture gone! She decides it's not so bad after all and she has the perfect excuse to buy some new stuff, and she forgives Robbie.

Steve is annoyed by the sneak thief who vandalised the bar and he says he's going away for a few days. Beppe clears up, and Gianni asks him what went on.

Beppe suspects Sam after the stupid phone call. Gianni comments that it's not surprising since he was so cosy with Sandra. The discussion gets heated and Beppe tells Gianni to send a message to Rosa that Sandra isn't interested in him: only Joe.

Rosa sees Beppe after Sandra didn't turn up for the day trip. Beppe also can't take Joe out because Steve has disappeared. Rosa looks after Joe and Beppe is grateful, and furious with Sandra for not bothering.

Pat is going away and she tells Janine to behave for Roy. Janine says she has even offered to cook this evening.

Jamie is having a terrible day in the shop and Ian refuses to let him go out for lunch. He's supposed to see Phil for lunch and he tells Phil he can't go and explains how unreasonable Ian is being. Phil sees Ian and tells him that he's supposed to be running the café and it's losing money because they are low on stock. Ian says when he wants advice from an ex-alkie he will ask. Phil is irritated.

Josie and Jeff come into the shop moaning and Jamie gets flustered and walks out, saying he doesn't care any more. Thieves take everything. Robbie can't believe it when Jamie tells him he left the shop open an unattended, and Mick laughs and says he can't wait to see Ian's face.

Ian arrives at the shop, looks around and shouts "Jamie!" - who's sitting in the Vic chatting to Robbie. Ian shouts at Jamie in the Vic and tells him that the shop has been trashed. Jamie says he doesn't care, adding: "You're an ungrateful selfish pathetic git, and no wonder Mel left you." Ian grabs Jamie by the throat. Pauline intervenes on Jamie's behalf, and Ian says "You don't know what he did." Pauline says she doesn't care, "But did throttling Jamie made you feel better?"

Dan has a bad day and asks Phil to go for a game of snooker, and he says he can't because Lisa is cooking. Dan says she has him under the thumb and is she waiting for the ring? Phil says she isn't like that.

Meanwhile, she has made a huge effort for dinner and he's late.

She has made a candlelit meal for his birthday. She tells him about the job, and he says it sounds great, she should go for it. She's really upset he didn't put up a fight for it. She shouts at him that she can't believe he cares so little for her. She says she loves him, but has to know he feels the same way, and she would stay for him, but it has to be for keeps.

Tuesday, January 18, 2000

TUE 18-JAN-00

Rosa faces her worst fears as Sandra tightens her grip on Beppe and decides to take actions. Steve is terrified that he is being stalked. Pauline despairs and Lisa is distraught when they have words at Mark's bedside.

Lisa gets the job offer back again after her refusal, with a much better pay offer, and she tells Mel, who thinks she should go for it, as it is a huge promotion.

Rosa nags Beppe about dumping Sam as soon as Sandra shows up, and Beppe says it was nothing to do with that, and then Rosa says what a nice-looking girl Nina is, and how fond she clearly is of Beppe!

Steve rushes to E20, where the alarms are going off and Jackie thinks he is over-reacting to everything. Steve points out that he has lots of nuisance calls, his car was vandalised, etc, and asks Jackie to find out from Rosa whether Matthew really is still in Italy with Teresa. Jackie does, but says she won't spy for him again, and Rosa spoke to Teresa, who says she's there with Matthew, and of course Rosa didn't actually speak to Matthew, why would she! Sam goes to see Beppe and moans to Steve, who is sympathetic and says if she ever needs a shoulder to cry on, he's available, and they can both be miserable together.

Pauline is still at Mark's bedside, and the doctor tells her that it's because he stopped taking his medication in February because he disliked the side effects. So, in August, he had a high blood test, but he still didn't bother to go back on the medication. Pauline disbelieves it at first, and the doctor said he assumed that Mark would have told her. Lisa arrives to sit by the bedside and says she should have made him see a doctor, especially since he went off his medication. Pauline is irritated that Mark told Lisa and not her. Lisa says it was his decision, his life, and Pauline says she should have told her. Lisa replies she assumed Mark had told her himself. Pauline tells Lisa she's selfish, and no friend of Mark's and it's all her fault that Mark is lying here close to death. Lisa leaves, upset (she really is a clueless idiot isn't she).

Robbie helpfully assists the rag and bone man as he is struggling to steal the old junk furniture out of Pauline's. He mentions it to Jeff and Dot who go to check and find that Pauline has indeed been burgled.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Mark is responding to the antibiotics so unfortunately he will recover from this bout of AIDS, presumably to sicken all over again later and drag out his death for longer.

Sandra is still hanging around and she and Beppe have quite a pleasant day with Joe (who is still off school with his bad arm), and afterwards, Sandra asks Beppe to go for a drink to catch up. He hesitates, but agrees, and Gianni and Rosa are in the Vic discussing Sandra getting her claws into Beppe again. Both are adamant that it won't happen again. Sandra overhears the gossip about Nina being a prostitute, and when Rosa challenges her, she replies "What sort of mother would push her son into dating a prostitute?"

Sam leaves the Vic and Nina admires her getting out there on the pull so soon and Mel says it's all part of her plan to win back Beppe. Sam goes to E20, where Steve, spooked by all the nuisance phone calls and damage waits behind the door of the office with a heavy object poised to hit the intruder over the head. Sam walks in and is slightly surprised to see Steve ready to cosh her. He tells her she should have called out and she said she didn't think she had to when he invited her! She and Steve chat cosily on the sofa and she asks for another drink, and while Steve goes to get it, she calls Beppe on her mobile, saying she's here in E20 with Steve, and he's all over her. Beppe is in the Vic with Sandra and sighs and ignores Sam, telling Sandra it's just someone being stupid.

Sam and Steve continue to chat and Steve goes to kiss her. She tells him to stop, and explains that he doesn't deserve this - she was just using him to get Beppe jealous, and she expected him to rush over when he heard she was here. She says she's been a real idiot, and she's sorry. Steve replies that they've had a nice time, and Beppe is a fool to let her go, so why don't they go back to his place anyway: she's enjoying herself isn't she? Sam agrees.

Monday, January 17, 2000

MON 17-JAN-00

Mark's life hangs by a thread as the family gathers round him at the hospital. Ian sinks to new lows in his quest for revenge and Rosa is crestfallen when events force Beppe and Sandra closer together. Irene's windfall elates Terry but, elsewhere, Steve is distressed.

Lisa asks around for Mark, and knocks on the door, but it's locked. Mark is still lying on the floor indoors, (it's the next day, not 3 days later, BTW) but Lisa doesn't see him. She asks Pauline where Mark is, as he had a doctor's appointment this morning. Pauline tells Lisa she wouldn't know, as according to Mark, she's public enemy No 1.

Dot whinges to Lisa that she needs some things but Mark's stall isn't open, so she'll have to take her custom elsewhere.

Phil asks Sam what's wrong and Sam says Beppe dumped her, and Phil says she's better off without him. Sam says he won't get away that easily. She talks to Beppe and he tells her that there's no point, because he doesn't love her.

Lisa goes back to Mark's and looks more carefully and sees Mark lying on the floor. She gets Jeff, who breaks in. Lisa says she can't find a pulse, and Jeff tells her to phone for an ambulance. Jeff checks and there is a pulse, and Mark is breathing, so they keep him warm until the ambulance comes. Pauline and Dot both go in the ambulance with him.

Sandra comes to see Beppe and tells him that she hasn't mentioned being Joe's mother, that should prove that she is not out to make trouble for him, she just wants to see her son. His school ring and Joe has had an accident playing football and is in casualty. They chat in casualty and Sandra says she isn't asking to walk back into their life but just a bit of contact. She goes back home with them, and Rosa is very cool towards her. She asks to see Joe tomorrow. His arm isn't broken, and he's happy to chat to her.

Ian goes into the Vic and mutters evilly to Pat about Mel being so nasty and her "victims". Dan and Mel chat about how to get punters in the Vic. Ian says she's not very Christian, and he decides to phone the church and get her evicted from the vicarage for setting a bad moral example.

Ian goes into the café and Robbie asks him how Mark is, and Ian says he has no idea, why? Robbie says he was taken away in an ambulance.

Jeff gets a call saying the church is selling the vicarage and also that they got a phone call saying a whore was living at the vicarage. Dot says "Who would do a thing like that?" Jeff says he has a very good idea who.

Irene tells Terry that she has been given a gift of £1,000. Terry thinks of spending it on a stereo system, and asks Mick's advice. Mick asks why this aunt that you've never met sent you that money, and perhaps she will be visiting. Terry frowns and muses on the thought. Mick also suggests that he consult Irene on what to do with the money! Terry asks if Irene's aunt sent the money in return for staying with them. Irene says of course not.

Steve tells Jackie he saw someone trying to break into E20, and he has to keep an eye on it.

At the hospital, they tell Pauline that Mark probably has a common kind of pneumonia that people with HIV and deficient immune systems often get, but they have to rule out TB and some other things, so they are investigating further, but giving him antibiotics.

Martin arrives and says he didn't think it would be so quick, he thought there would be warning signs, and it's just like Dad, one minute he was there, and the next...

Ian arrives and Jeff walks out of the ward and sees Ian. Ian tells Jeff that it's his fault that Mark is in here, and Jeff tells him to leave until he's calmed down, and adds that if he has something to say about Mel, he can tell them, not phone the church warden. Ian says he doesn't know what he's talking about. Jeff replies that he knows Ian did it - it's exactly the slimy cowardly sort of thing he would do.

Dan and Phil decide to arrange a snooker competition and consider the opposition. Gianni walks in and they decide Guiseppe's vs the Vic. Gianni agrees enthusiastically. Jackie and Mick laugh at him, and Mick says Dan and Phil are really good snooker players, on the other hand you are rubbish. Jackie says how are they going to raise the team, and Robbie says he'll play.

Sam is whining to Nina about Beppe and Nina says he is her friend and even if he had said something, she wouldn't break his confidence. Sam starts getting hysterical and says she fancies him doesn't she? Sam calls her a "dirty tart" and Nina says just because Beppe dumped her she's going around whining like a pathetic little bitch. Sam replies "What's the matter isn't he paying you for it?" Nina slaps her and everyone watches and Gianni says they don't need entertainment in the Vic when they've got this.

Back at the hospital, Mark is taken to intensive care and Pauline is told the next 24 hours will be decisive, as he hasn't responded to the drugs yet. (Hopefully his AIDS will be as short-lived as Gill's - in hospital one day and dead the next, so we don't have to endure too much nasty sickness.)

Thursday, January 13, 2000

THU 13-JAN-00

Mark makes a heartfelt plea to Lisa then takes a bad turn when she leaves the house. Beppe upsets Sam with a serious decision. Ian listens intently to Jeff's advice. Irene has a stroke of luck.

Pat arrives at Ian's and Ian tells her that he won't let Simon see Steven. Pat tells him it's a pity he can't manage to wash up and rolls up her sleeves. Meanwhile Robbie and Jamie make a list of shopping for the café.

Mark is coughing and he makes an appointment from the café phone and Dr Fonseca overhears and asks if he's OK. He's chatting to Mick and tells him to get around to asking Nina out. Fred also says he's thinking of looking for a new job in a bigger practice.

Pauline and Jeff argue about Mel. He tells Pauline that she doesn't know the full story. Jeff goes to see Ian and Jeff says it's not really any of his business but some people are using what you said about Lucy being ill against Melanie, saying that Melanie walked out on a sick child, and Ian should put them straight because if he doesn't.... Ian says he understands.

Irene, in an attempt to bring some excitement into her life, decided upon gambling in the last episode and won £1,000 (from a £100 bet). She tells Rosa she'll spend the gambling winnings on the shop, as she's feeling guilty.

Pauline goes into the Vic and finds Jeff buying Martin a shandy as a reward for helping him with the redecorating and Pauline's. She has a go and Jeff leaves humbly, then Pauline goes to ask Mark if he's OK, as the stall is shut. Mark coughs nastily but tells Pauline she seems to have forgotten his father. She says there's no need to be nasty about it, because she hasn't. He goes home and finds Mel and Lisa chattering and interrupts when Mel says she's a "single woman". He says he thought she was married.

Sam thinks Beppe won't be cross with her for long, and Nina tries to tell her to forget it for a while. Beppe comes into the Vic and asks Sam to go upstairs. He tells Sam it's "nothing personal", and Sandra has done his head in - "I like you very much but I don't think we're right for each other, so we should call it a day." Sam "Are you dumping me? We can work it out." Beppe: "No." Sam starts throwing things!

Ricky books an NVQ in engineering. Phil looks at his form and says "What's this about hobbies? Accounting!!! By the way, there's two cs in accounting."

Jeff finishes the decorating and kisses Pauline on the cheek and Ian is passing and asks what she's doing with *him*. Jeff asks what business it is of his, after him poking his nose in this morning. Jeff replies says perhaps Ian would like to tell Pauline why he came round. Ian walks off.

Mark goes to see Ian and whinges on pathetically and tearfully about family and Jeff being there all the time, and Pauline and Martin don't seem to want him around any more. Pat arrives, and Mark says he was just leaving. Ian tells Pat to sit down and tells her that Lucy is going to be OK, and Pat says "When did you find out?" Ian says he's always known... that there might be something wrong with the test results.

Steve goes to the Vic and tells Mel she's wasted there and Dan tells him he doesn't want Steve coming in here and poaching his staff, and he throws Steve out. Steve says fine, and announces "Free drinks in E20 for anyone who comes now." Dan says he's sorry about earlier Steve Owen hanging around her, and Mel says actually she didn't mind, and explains she used to go out with him and he's been really good to her recently. Dan is surprised and says it makes a change from Ian! Mel says she's keeping men at a distance for now.

Lisa finishes moving in and goes to say goodbye to Mark, who asks her to stay. She says she's just across the road and she will always want him as a friend. She leaves and Mark closes and locks the back door, then clutches his chest and collapses.

Tuesday, January 11, 2000

TUE 11-JAN-00

Tensions between Lisa and Mark escalate when he refuses to see a doctor. Rumours concerning Matthew's return worry a nervous Steve and Beppe worries about a stalker. A letter from Wicksy distresses Pat and Irene comes into some money.

Irene asks Terry why he didn't say anything, and he says she's had a lot to put up with married to him and what's done is done, and he doesn't want to know. Irene goes to see Rosa and says it's almost worse that Terry isn't angry with her.

Jeff is tidying up for Lisa. He asks Mel why she decided to stay, and comments about everyone having a go at her. She gets her new cheque book in the name of Mrs Beale.

Steven asks Pat why Ian's always sleeping, and Pat says it's all the work, and Steve says he hasn't done any work for ages. She sees Jamie in the café and asks why he's not in Beale's market, and not to expect Ian today. Robbie also needs food for the café and Ian is supposed to be getting it from the cash and carry. Jamie looks after the café while Robbie goes to get food. Pat doesn't expect Lucy to go to school, but Ian says she can go. Pat is surprised. Pat goes home and moans to Roy about Simon wanting to see Steven, as he is emigrating, and Roy points out he *is* the child's father. Pat says Steven doesn't know that.

Sandra sneaks around checking up on Beppe and Joe. She goes to the club and quizzes Steve about the profits from the club. Steve lets it slip that Beppe is taking Joe to the Natural History museum that day. He asks who he should say called, and she says she's an old friend of Beppe's. Sandra finds Beppe in the restaurant. She tells him she will fight for Joe. Beppe, Sam and Joe go to the museum. Sam takes Joe off without Beppe and Sandra appears out of nowhere. Sam accuses her of causing trouble and they have a quiet chat, and Sandra begs Sam to give her a few minutes with Joe. Beppe turns up and is furious with Sam, and has a huge argument with Sandra. Beppe can't believe Sam gave Joe to her, and she's stupid if she thought that Sandra really only wanted him for a few minutes. He tells her to get out of his sight because she's even more stupid than he thought.

Mark has a nasty cough and Jeff asks him if it's OK about Lisa moving in with them and Mark obviously didn't know. He goes home and asks Lisa why she didn't tell him.

Steve's tyres are slashed and he goes to Phil's and Phil isn't sympathetic, and tells Ricky not to hurry with the repairs when Steve is out of earshot.

Lisa has to make the decision about that job she was offered, and she says to Mel that she'd have to move away if she took the job. Lisa arranges a date with Phil at 8 tonight. She sees Mark in the Vic, and he asks her to dinner tonight, but she says she has other plans. Mark coughs a lot and Lisa is worried about his health.

Jenny turns up at the garage with her fiancé, who asks to pay cash to avoid the VAT. Jenny apologises to Ricky and says he gave back the money and is back, and Ricky looks rueful and says he's pleased for her if that's what she wants.

Dan tells Dot he's thinking of putting in a huge TV screen, some pool tables, fruit machines, and perhaps rename the pub "Dan's". Dot is horrified and gets steadily more outraged about it. Dan is obviously winding her up as he is amused at her reaction.

Monday, January 10, 2000

MON 10-JAN-00

Lisa decides to move out leaving Mark grumpy and upset. Beppe and Sam fall out over Sandra. Terry plans a romantic evening with a punch-line for guilt-ridden Irene.

Rosa is discussing Sandra with Beppe and they're concerned about what she will do next. He's not actually divorced yet, and tells Jackie that Joe doesn't even know that she is his mother, as she walked out when he was very young. Sam hassles Beppe and can't understand why he is letting Sandra worry him. He tells her she doesn't understand and she sulks childishly.

Janine's living at Pat's now, and Pat sends her off to school before discussing a letter from Simon with Roy, saying it's the last thing Ian needs now. She goes to Ian's to find the children alone playing in the lounge and Ian was upstairs in bed. Steven tells Pat that he tried to get Peter and Lucy ready for school. Ian appears at the top of the stairs and Pat tells him not to worry, she will do the kids. Later, Lucy sees Mel and runs over to her and asks if she's coming for tea today. Mel says no, maybe tomorrow, and Steve comes to take Lucy away saying "No, she's not, she's lying." Pat comes up to Mel in the Vic and says she hopes she's proud of herself shattering the hearts of three children. Mel tells her she hasn't got all the facts, and walks away.

Lisa's moving out and sells her stuff to Jamie. Mark is fed up about it and unnecessarily rude to everyone all day. Lisa tells Mel she can't find anywhere decent, but has to get away from Mark. Mel suggests she move in with them, as they could do with the help with the bills.

Steve is busy washing off vandalism painted on the club.

Dot tells Jeff that it's a pity Mel let Ian down, but she should have thought of it before they spent all that money. Jeff tells her to engage her brain before opening her mouth. He asks Pauline to put a card in the window for work, and later she asks him if he will do her living room.

Nina is back and has a totally new hairdo. Mick compliments her on it, and they go to the Vic for a drink.

Phil tells Ricky that the customer with the Merc will be back tomorrow to settle her bill with him personally.

Terry tells Irene they're having the day off. They go to the café and have a leisurely breakfast, and Terry has booked a massage for Irene and sends her off shopping before she has the massage, but tells her to be home by 5pm. Irene tells Rosa and wonders what he's up to.

Meanwhile he arranges a "Casablanca" evening. Irene gets back and he tells her to go upstairs and have a bath and put on the dress he's put out for her to wear, as he has a video for them to watch.

The lounge is set up as Rick's café and he's dressed up in a white suit. He recaps "Beautiful married woman falls in love with single man, classic love triangle." Irene replies "She just got caught up in the excitement of the fantasy world." Terry asks Irene whether he's the husband or lover, and Irene says he's Lazlo of course, and Rick was just a fantasy and wouldn't have worked out. Terry says he has always loved her and wants to ask her something and she has to promise to tell the truth. "Am I enough for you?" Irene says of course, and she'll never forget what he's done today. She says she has to tell him something, and he replies that she doesn't, he already knows about her and Troy.

Thursday, January 06, 2000

THU 06-JAN-00

Steve is humiliated when he finally ventures forth but has the final word. Irene tries to talk to Terry and Mel agrees to meet with Ian to set him straight. Kathy discover her son's lie and heads for the airport once again. Passion is in the air for Ricky.

Jackie tells Steve to meet her for lunch in the Vic. Mel appears half-dressed and Jackie asks how it went. Mel tells her Ian showed up and had to be thrown out. Lisa insists Mel tell her and Lisa can't believe he would lie that his daughter was seriously ill! Mel asks her to keep it quiet, and Lisa says he's getting away with it!? Mel asks about Lisa's love life, and Lisa says she has to wait for Kathy to leave. Lisa sees Jeff and says isn't it good news about Mel. Jeff asks where she's staying! Kathy has a go at Lisa and Lisa says it's not Mel's fault. Kathy says she left Ian with his daughter so ill, and Lisa blurts out the entire truth. Jackie is also in the café so she overhears too!

Steve gives in to Jackie's nagging and agrees to meet her in the Vic that evening for a drink.

Ricky is fixing the Merc for the poor little rich girl and she starts flirting with him, and they end up having a passionate snog.

Rosa and Irene discuss Irene confessing to Terry, and Irene says she can't pluck up courage. She starts to tell Terry that the sparkle has gone out of their marriage, but he hastily tells her that they will just have to put it back in and he has to dash off to the shop.

Jackie brings Kathy to see Mel, and Kathy apologises and Mel asks to explain to the kids herself, and Kathy agrees. Steven doesn't like it much, though. Then Ian arrives home and starts trying to apologise, but Mel tells him it's all over, and leaves. Kathy comforts Ian, and then arranges to go to the airport as planned. Phil says goodbye to Kathy and Ben, and asks her to give it one more go, but they agree that it's best to call it a day, and it's definitely over between them. Phil returns and tells Lisa this, and apologises for the hassle it's caused her with Kathy around, and he'd like to try to make a go of it with her. She agrees (dopey cow).

Dot walks up to Steve in the Vic and tells him he shouldn't be laughing and drinking here and he swore on the Bible, and "Vengeance is mine said the lord", you're not wanted around here." Everyone else in the Vic says "hear hear".

As he walks out Robbie says "Murderer." Steve turns around and says he's having his say now. "The woman I loved was unfaithful and I was running away and she found me and didn't stop until she had ruined my life. And, yes Dot you're right it was evil, but I thought if I blamed Matthew and he blamed me neither of us would be put away. I was terrified of being put in prison for the rest of my life, and I knew everyone would react just as you have now. But I swear to you all, the only reason I hit her was because she was strangling me, and I had to get her off me, it was self-defence, so don't any of you ever call me a murderer." Beppe walks up to the bar and orders a drink and adds "and whatever Steve's having." Steve thanks him and has a large scotch.

Tuesday, January 04, 2000

TUE 04-JAN-00

Ian clings to a lost hope, and Irene gets advice to clear the air with Terry. Beppe wonders why Sandra has returned to his life. Meanwhile, Steve continues lurking but Jackie is determined to make him face the Square. Jamie is devastated by Janine's alarming gossip.

Beppe tells Sandra nastily that she has nothing to do with Joe and sends Joe off to eat ice cream while ignoring her. Beppe takes her outside and tells her that she gave up any rights when she abandoned them. When she insists on meeting him again, Beppe tells her to come back tomorrow, as he's busy.

Next day, Rosa tells Beppe that she'll try to take Joe off him if he's not careful. Joe asks Beppe who the lady who called yesterday was. Sam is supportive but surprised that Beppe could forgive her. However, Sandra doesn't turn up at the appointed time.

Ian bangs on the door and Jeff tells him she packed her bags and left Walford. Ian keeps banging on the door and Jeff tells him to come in and look for himself. Ian won't believe that Jeff doesn't know where Mel is. He goes out and digs up the time capsule. Everyone watches him and wonders whether to do anything. Beppe is the only person to go and talk to him. Ian tells him to get lost and starts smashing up the time capsule with the spade. Mel is actually watching from Steve's place! Steve asks her what she's doing today and she says keeping her head down. Jackie appears and asks Steve what he thinks he's doing, and isn't he in enough trouble around here? Steve says wasn't he asleep on the sofa when she came in? Jackie relents, and adds that she has some good news, Teresa and Matthew have gone to Italy for a few weeks.

Sonia and Nicky discuss boys and Sonia thinks Jamie is the best looking one, but Nicky says that he's no good at "the other". Jamie overhears this and finds Janine and asks her what she said about him. Janine tells him to get lost. Jamie looks really hurt and says "How could you say something like that? I thought it(sex) meant something." Janine says it didn't to her.

Mel says to Jackie that she's going out and everyone is probably blaming her. Jackie says actually most people are wondering what Ian did. Mel goes out and Jackie urges Steve to show his face too - the longer he leaves it, the worse it will be.

Mel turns up at Ian's and sees Kathy. Steven opens the door and Kathy tells him to go and watch a video. Kathy says how could you do this to him while Lucy's so ill? Mel looks resigned and says "I'd better go." Ian gets home and Steven tells him that Mel was here looking for him earlier.

Irene tells Rosa that she thinks Terry knows, and Rosa says maybe she should tell Terry and get it all into the open.

Mark tells Lisa nastily not to worry about Mel - that sort of person will end up on their feet. Lisa and Mark have a stand-up row in the Vic. Mark tells her to move out and she says she'll be out of the way as soon as she can.

Mel goes to the Vic as Barry and Natalie are buying the drinks. Dan asks what she's doing here and she says "My shift if you want me to." Natalie goes straight up to the bar and asks for a drink. Mel says "Thank you." Lisa rushes over and is thrilled to see Mel. Barry and Natalie leave for their honeymoon. Natalie tells him Mel isn't here, and Ian begs and she tells him that Mel is at work. Barry says he doesn't think she should have done that. When he goes into the Vic, Mel says it's not the time or the place, and she tells Ian to leave. Dan throws him out. Ian snivels outside and shouts that he wants Mel back.

Monday, January 03, 2000

MON 03-JAN-00

Melanie's decision is final and no one can stop her now. A stranger arrives from Beppe's past.
Ian bangs on Melanie's door desperately.

Steve wishes Matthew Happy New Year and says he's glad Matthew is free and he'd like to shake hands and put it all behind them. Matthew says no thanks, and he made a lot of useful friends inside.

Mel is at home crying and Jeff asks why on earth she went through with it if she had doubts and she tells him he has to promise not to tell anyone. She tells what Ian did, and says think how upset Lucy would be if she found out. Mel tells Jeff that she has to change the way she lives, to do what she thinks is right and what she really wants, rather than trying to please everyone, and she has to move away.

Jamie and Robbie chatter about Mel and Matthew. Jamie says they took long enough to find the ashtray with Steve's prints on it. Jackie turns up and they look at her. Steve asks Jeff to do some work and asks how Mel is. Mark tells Steve to get lost - he killed Saskia and put Matt in prison. Steve replies he's not the only ex-con, but Mark says it's not the fact he's been in prison but that he put Matt there.

Steve phones his solicitor, who says they can't try him for manslaughter because they have already tried him for murder, but they could do him for perjury. Steve is pleased and Jackie comes in and says remember there's a woman dead and they still have to deal with Matthew and everyone round here.

Frank finds Ricky working in the Arches and gives him a contact number and says goodbye. A woman turns up just as he's changing his shirt and stripped to the waist and she asks him to look at her Merc convertible (!) that has just cut out around the corner. It's quite serious and she starts crying because it was a present from her father who just gave her fiancé 50K to leave her, and he did.

Ricky is very sympathetic! He takes her for a drink and tells her the car will be fixed by Thursday.

Kathy tells Ian Mel's a lying scheming manipulative little cow. Lisa looks after Mel who says she can't tell Lisa why she finally saw the light.

Simon sends Terry a note asking him to put flowers out for Tiffany, but where will they get any now? Irene says she'll make a wreath out of holly.

Matthew turns up in the Vic and everyone gives him a round of applause, and Frank tells him it's on the house. Teresa says she and Matthew are going on holiday for a few weeks to Italy.

Dr Fonseca sees Kim in the launderette and asks her about her modelling, and remarkably casually he mentions to her he had a few models at his last practice and he coached them in body management - exercise and toning their bodies - because some of them think they can be models just by not eating properly or throwing up after food and their health suffers and they have bad skin and teeth, and don't stay models for long.

Mel packs her bags and walks round to the tube. Steve sees her and offers her a lift. She gets into the car but says she's leaving as soon as a train arrives. Steve says at least she's still talking to him, and he sympathises about her predicament, but says everything that happened to him over the last year has been due to not stopping to think about all the options before acting. Steve tells her not to blame herself, and she was just wrong thinking that she'd end up loving Ian, and if she feels guilty about the kids now, how will she feel leaving them like this? Mel says she can't face going home now. Steve says she can stay at his and have some space to think, no funny business. Mel says it probably isn't a good idea, but does anyway.

Another mystery woman (Sandra probably) arrives from the tube station and sees Beppe walk into the restaurant with Sam on his arm. She hesitates and goes to the Vic, and Dan is charming to her when she says it's just a quick one for Dutch courage. She turns up at the restaurant.